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Succession Planning

Our succession planning services are designed to help you structure the future you want for your company and guide you in the development of a strategy for achieving that goal.  Howell Valuation, LLC offers consultative services throughout the process - helping you develop a business transition plan, identify viable exit options, and evaluate strategic alternatives.


Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes can occur for a variety of reasons including, but not
limited to:


  • A desire by one or more shareholders to terminate the shareholder relationship

  • A disagreement with actions taken by the majority shareholders

  • A claim by a minority shareholder that the actions of controlling shareholders are either fraudulent, illegal, or oppressive

Whatever the cause of the dispute, Howell Valuation, LLC offers a professional approach with the cross-functional expertise and independent perspective necessary to facilitate resolution of even the most contentious matters.


Estate and Gift Tax

Howell Valuation, LLC has significant experience in the preparation of business valuations for these tax-related areas.  Our experience as CPAs and support from attorneys, financial planners, and other professionals combine to provide a valuable resource for our clients.  We have developed a clear understanding of the rules and regulations impacting taxpayers and taxing authorities, particularly with respect to issues involved in the valuation of closely-held business interests.


Marital Dissolution

In marital dissolution, most of a couple’s assets and liabilities are valued, regardless of whether a state follows equitable distribution or community property rules.  Frequently, one of the assets included in the marital estate is an interest in a closely-held business, and it is typical to have the business or business interest valued.  Howell Valuation, LLC is able to provide credible valuation testimony and is committed to providing clients with a solid, accurate, and defendable valuation opinion.


Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)


An important employee benefit plan that can both attract and retain personnel is accomplished through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  ESOPs can also provide significant tax savings.  In the last several years, ESOPs have grown in popularity as a means to compensate and motivate employees.  The sale of company stock to employees provides opportunities for estate and succession planning as well.

The professionals with Howell Valuation, LLC have significant experience in valuing ESOPs.  We are commonly engaged to perform ESOP valuations for the following types: 

  • Sell-side advisory – We have been engaged to assist business owners by performing a preliminary valuation analysis and providing a range of values.

  • Formation of an ESOP – We are engaged by ESOP Trustees for appraisals in connection with transactions to acquire shares from selling shareholders. 

  • Annual ESOP update valuations – Because an ESOP is required to have a valuation performed on an annual basis, we assist ESOP trustees by preparing annual valuation updates that are needed for administrative purposes.


Mergers and Acquisitions


Howell Valuation, LLC has extensive experience in advising closely-held and family-owned businesses with regard to the sale/divestiture of their holdings.  We also advise clients relative to their growth strategies and assist with the evaluation and execution of targeted acquisition transactions.  These transactions may include entire or partial acquisitions, divestitures, liquidations, or recapitalizations.  Mergers will generally require both companies to be valued, while an acquisition may require only a single valuation.

Additionally, we perform valuations to help management assess the value of a business for a strategic buyer.



Buy-Sell Agreements

If a company restructures its ownership, shareholders benefit from agreements with buy-sell provisions that bring clarity to the terms.  Howell Valuation, LLC helps ascertain an appropriate agreed-upon price for the addition or withdrawal of owners.  Some companies choose to update the buy-sell price more frequently than others.  A limited scope analysis is usually sufficient for such a need.


General Business Planning

Many business owners find it helpful to determine the value of their business and the key drivers that impact that value.  This can help in identifying and achieving established goals for his or her company.  Many times a limited scope analysis will suffice for this purpose.  Howell Valuation, LLC is equipped to assist an owner in this endeavor.

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