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Drawing on senior management experience in CEO and CFO roles, we are able to help owners monetize or improve the value of their business interests.  


Examples of consulting engagements performed by Howell Valuation, LLC are listed below.

  • Advise Management on turn-around and/or profit improvement strategies.

  • Leadership role in responding to due diligence requests by prospective buyers. 

  • Assist in the performance of due diligence on acquisition candidates.

  • Respond to questions from prospective buyers on valuation-related matters.

  • Assess implications of current strategy with respect to a potential liquidity event in 10 years for retirement planning purposes. 

  • Serve as business advisor to legal counsel for a complicated estate with 35 business interests.

  • Work with Trustee to identify and evaluate strategic alternatives for business owned by an estate. 

  • Serve on Board of Advisors for a family-owned company. 

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